Chesapeake Conference

Image by Free Photos on Pixabay

Editorial by Dottie Jones

My daughter, Tammi Thomas, was baptized into Pennsylvania Conference’s Pocono Grace church in East Stroudsburg on January 4, 2020. Her journey toward God began three years ago as she watched her younger sister lose her battle with cancer. After her death, Tammi left to go home, and I gave her some Bible Studies, and she took them to heart. She completed the Focus on Prophecy and “It Is Written” Bible Studies and has been working on Amazing Facts, while also reaching out to her coworkers.

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Editorial by Rick Remmers

As the coronavirus pandemic engulfs our world, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you with the words of Jesus we find in Matthew 28.

He says, “Go therefore, and make disciples of all the nations” (verse 19, NKJV). And then He ends with a prom- ise that is especially relevant to us today: “And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (verse 20).

Charis McRoy Kinder Knit

Story by Heidi Wetmore

Charis McRoy, a junior at Spencerville Adventist Academy (SAA), learned how to loom knit hats from a family friend. After making hats for each of her family members, McRoy wondered how she could use this newfound hobby to serve others. She needed a reason and purpose for what she was doing; that is how Kinder Knit was born.

After much thought, McRoy decided to make hats for infants in the NICU. This target group was near and dear to her heart, because 17 years ago, she herself was a newborn in the NICU. “To this day, I have handmade blankets that kind individuals gave me when I was in the NICU,” shares McRoy. “Now this is my chance to give back and serve others.”