Atholton Guest Chooses Baptism After One Meeting

John Rengifo, associate pastor of Chesapeake Conference's Atholton church, baptizes Krystal Moreland after attending just one prophecy seminar meeting.

Story by Andre Hastick

Although Chesapeake Conference's Atholton church in Columbia, Md., concluded a Revelation Today prophecy seminar last fall, their evangelistic effort is still bearing fruit. Seminar attendee Krystal Moreland recently took her stand for Christ through baptism. Her story, however, is unique from others who participated in the meetings.

The first meeting Moreland attended was the final meeting of the seminar, which explored the work of the Holy Spirit and the teaching of the unpardonable sin. At the end of the message, John Rengifo, associate pastor, made a call to be baptized. Surprisingly, after only one presentation, Moreland came forward.

Rengifo shares, “I have never seen this before, where someone attends the last night of a meeting and makes a commitment.”

Moreland, however, was no stranger to Atholton. A few months before the seminar began, she and her husband, Gordon, recently started attending worship services. Although she had some exposure to Adventism at a young age, over the years she became disconnected from the doctrines and the Church.

After taking her stand, she met weekly for Bible studies, and in early January, in front of her relatives, guests and new church family, she sealed her decision for Jesus in the waters of baptism,s and exclaimed, “I feel really great!” regarding her new walk in Christ.