Potomac Conference

Story by Tiffany Doss

Two Potomac Conference “Impact 2019: Camp Meeting Re-imagined” events will be held next month. This new camp meeting format allows for local pastors to help plan and organize area meetings, enabling the message and format to be tailored for each community.

Tidewater/Richmond AreaHampton Convention Center, Hampton, Va., June 8. English and Spanish venues at same location. For more information, visit www.pcsda.org.

The main speakers will be Barry Black, U.S. Senate chaplain, and Hermes Tavera Bueno, who pastors in the Greater New York Conference.

Photo courtesy Potomac Conference

Story by V. Michelle Bernard / image by Arlene Bonilla

More than 100 nurses and their friends and family from around the Allegheny East, Chesapeake and Potomac conferences recently gathered at Potomac’s Southern Asian church in Silver Spring, Md., for Nurses’ Appreciation Day. “We wanted our Adventist nurses to be recognized, acknowledged and celebrated for the work they do. We want them to know that the Adventist church and the Adventist HealthCare system appreciates them,” said event organizer Kathy Coleman, Faith Community Nurse coordinator and program director for Adventist HealthCare in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Alex Partyka and Tony Williams are photographed by Brad Barnwell

Story by Edwin Manuel Garcia / Feature photo by Brad Barnwell

Alex Partyka grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but stopped attending for 12–13 years, when partying got the best of him, including almost daily drug highs. He realized he wanted to change his life, but didn’t know how, so he prayed about it. He says his prayers resulted in a miracle involving a 30-day jail sentence.