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Image by Chrizzel_lu on pixabay

Story by ACSGW and Visitor Staff

Amid the growing number of closures due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington (ACSGW) will remain open starting March 16 to help feed families whose children would otherwise receive free or reduced meals at school during the two-week school closure.

Leaders from the center have requested food and item donations for hygiene kits. Needed supplies include extra soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, disinfectant wipes, toothpaste and other toiletries to help replenish the supply of hygiene kits that are needed more than ever during this crisis.

Where to Donate

J. Solomon Collins

Story by Salena Featherstone

Carnegie Hall (N.Y.) is known for its history of extraordinary music and musicians. Its standard is beyond measure, including acts from around the world. Legends such as Tchaikovsky, Billie Holiday, Mahler and The Beatles have filled Carnegie Hall throughout the years, making Takoma Academy’s (TA) news extra special.

This academic year, TA was ecstatic to hear that, under the direction of renowned conductor Jeffrey Redding, the 2020 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall selected TA’s very own J. Solomon Collins (’20) as a finalist. Collins auditioned in May of 2019 and was selected in late 2019. In early February 2020, he met musicians from around the world.

Dave Weigley and Emmanuel Asiedu flank conferences presidents and WAU president after the Columbia Union Ex Committee voted to revert funds to the conferences and WAU

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

“We believe in sharing God’s blessings with our entities,” said Columbia Union Conference Treasurer Emmanuel Asiedu. “[We] want to give $550,000 back to our entities to support the mission. [We’re] giving the money now so we can share the blessings now.”

Story by Tiffany Doss

On March 2, Potomac Conference’s Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, Va., officially reopened after temporarily closing for regular business hours last season. Camp leadership will now host their first group—MissionFest—from March 12–21 and celebrate with a grand reopening March 22 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The grand reopening event will include a ribbon cutting ceremony, camp tour, food and family fun activities.