Pennsylvania Conference

Dee Casper, CORE director

Story by Tamyra Horst

The Pennsylvania Conference is excited to launch CORE, a nine-month mission training program designed to immerse young adults into the CORE of Christianity and to tackle the biggest questions they are asking: Why am I an Adventist? How do I take this message to my demographic? How can I find an experience with God worth sharing?

This new initiative will allow young adults to experience a deeper relationship with Christ by engaging in Bible studies; literature, digital media and health evangelism; and city and overseas missions. The program is designed to connect students with Christ and equip them to share the gospel message to the world.

Gustavorezende on Pixabay

Story by Dave Morgan
Photo by Gustavorezende on Pixabay

March 1 and 2, the Elementary Musicfest is open to students grades 5–10. This includes homeschool, Adventist school and public school students. Musicfest is under the direction of Lawrence Galera, director of music at BMA. The two-day event includes vocal and instrumental workshops, as well as group performance and an afternoon showcase of individual performance. For more information about how your school, student or co-op can participate, contact

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Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Walk into a potluck at the Pennsylvania Conference’s Shermans Dale church, and you might nd sauerkraut or barley casserole or vegan lasagna. One thing you will always find is a feeling of family. And a pot of “Grandma Sterner’s” baked beans.

The beans have been a staple at the potluck for the last 30-plus years, rst made by grandma Grace Sterner, now cooked by her granddaughter, Robin Page.