Ohio Conference

Story by Karen Senecal

What does high school chemistry, summer camp high ropes course, community health fairs and a new boiler for a church heating system have in common? All of them benefit from Ohio Advance.

Ohio Advance (OA), a free-will offering to specifically reach the community and bring people to the Lord, is changing its allocations this year. In December the Ohio Conference Executive Committee voted to allocate funds to outreach and evangelism, secondary education, Camp Mohaven in Danville and church buildings and equipment.

Thirty percent of OA donations will be used for outreach and evangelism programs.

Story by Heidi Shoemaker

In his book Mentoring by Design, Edward Marton, Ohio Conference Youth

Ministries director, poses
the question, “How could a congregation release and empower young people for ministry and disciples for service?” A young adult himself, Marton’s book looks at the model of mentoring from personal, biblical and Seventh-day Adventist histor- ical perspectives. His passion for mentoring is clear, and the

book explores the foundation of these models, adapted and applied within the Ohio Conference by Marton, both as a senior pastor and youth director.

Peter M. Simpson, coordinador de los ministerios hispanos en la Asociación de Ohio, bautizando a Salvador Hernández, un nuevo miembro de la iglesia hispana de Hamilton

Durante el Congreso de la Unión de Columbia en mayo 2016, los líderes de la unión y los presidentes de las asociaciones se comprometieron en continuar enfocándose fuertemente en el evangelismo durante el nuevo quinquenio, comenzando con una iniciativa bajo el lema “Comparte la luz, comparte la esperanza”.  A continuación, se destacan los resultados de algunos de estos esfuerzos: