Ohio Conference

Story by Oksana Wetmore

Over the past five years, the number of women in pastoral ministry within the Columbia Union Conference has grown to 40. Meet six women pastors who reflect on their call to ministry, as well as their challenges, successes and blessings.


Heather Crews
Mentored for Ministry

Growing up in a dual pastors’ family, Heather Crews was no stranger to a pastor’s lifestyle. As a 9-year-old heading from one church service to another, she recalls being a strong-willed pastor’s kid, grabbing at every chance to delve into challenging Bible discussions with her father. “It was a joy to travel with my dad on the open road between Bible studies,” she says. 

Steve Carlson

Story by Anna Bartlett

Collective is a student-led Friday evening worship service and fellowship meal held in homes where students and faculty of Kettering College in Dayton, Ohio, can share their stories and worship together.

As Kettering is not a residential campus, many of the students live in a very segmented world, says Steve Carlson (pictured), campus chaplain. They drive in for class and then go home, often only interacting with others within their own program.