New Jersey Conference

Story by Mario Thorp

Members of the Cherry Hill church recently celebrated as eight young people, aged 10–16, chose to make their commitment to Christ public through baptism.

Willie Bonilla, church elder, shares that the young people are all members of the same Sabbath School class. When they began talking about baptism, he started a baptismal class. They met together every other Sabbath afternoon from January through July, 2018. Bonilla says, “They all wanted to be baptized to demonstrate their love for Jesus. ... They are excited to begin this new part of their walk with the Lord!”

Alexandre Inamasu and David Nazaire recently launched Pathfinder Mall

Story by Visitor Staff

David Nazaire and Alexandre Inamasu, longtime members of New Jersey Conference’s Hackettstown Pathfinder Club, know how hard it is to fundraise for events such as the upcoming Chosen 2019 International Pathfinder Camporee in OskKosh, Wisc. To help their club and others like them, they recently launched, a site that sells Christian and Seventh-day Adventist-themed merchandise, including camporee gear.

Photo by summitcheese from flickr

Editorial by Jim Greene

According to Webster’s Dictionary, “hope” has several connotations based on the way you approach the usage of the word. We can “hope” that something will happen—“I hope I can win a new car in the drawing.” Or, we can state with assurance that our “hope” is based on trust and reliance that something will happen—“Jesus is coming again!” The hymn, “We Have This Hope,” is a strong affirmation of our faith and hope in the coming of the Lord, based on the promises found in God’s Word. Every time I sing this song, my spirits are lifted, and I am inspired to share the good news that Jesus is coming again!