New Jersey Conference

Sarah Capeles Frodelly

Story by Sarah Capeles Frodelly

Growing up, I always believed that my parents had abandoned me, especially my mother. The oldest of four, and at the age of three-and-a-half, my father took me to my grandparents’ house “just for the day.” The afternoon came and went, then evening came. I asked my grandmother when my dad was coming to pick me up. She calmly put me to bed and said he would be back in the morning.

Many mornings came and went, and my father never returned for me. But the person I missed the most was my mother. Did she forget me too? Oh, how I cried at night for her! At the time, I didn’t realize that my parents had divorced. As a result, I was placed in my grandparents’ home, not only separating me from both my parents, but from my siblings as well.

El presidente Jorge Agüero (derecha) se dirige a los amigos de la comunidad que asistieron al pequeño grupo de Vida GPS llamado “Emmanuel”.

Editorial por Jorege Agüero

En el contexto de la Gran Comisión dada por Jesús en Mateo 28:16 al 20, se encuentran detalles bien específicos de las razones del por qué los discípulos de Jesús de ahora deben estar conectados a la misión de Jesús. De acuerdo con el pasaje bíblico se destaca los siguientes puntos:

1. Los discípulos de Jesús obedecen y van donde el Señor les ordena – Galilea (Mat. 28:16). Los discípulos de hoy deben obedecer e ir al lugar misionero donde Dios les indique.

Led by Irene Núñez (third from right), this Vida GPS “Emmanuel” healthy small group of the West New York Spanish (N.J.) church meets weekly.

Editorial by Jorge Aquero

In the context of the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:16–20, there are very specific details of why the disciples of Jesus must now be connected to His mission. According to the biblical passage, the following points stand out:

1. Jesus’ disciples obey and go to where the Lord commands them—Galilee (Matt. 28:16). Today’s disciples must also obey and go to the mission fields where God indicates.

Pastors from the Mountain View Conference pray during the Columbia Union Conference's Transformational Evangelism event. Photograph by Brian Tagalog

Story by V. Michelle Bernard / Photos by Brian Tagalog

Historically, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has relied heavily on old-style revival efforts, prophecy seminars in public spaces and other traditional forms of evangelism. In the last 20 years, popular speakers have transmitted their sermons to local churches via satellite—all to share the unique Seventh-day Adventist message.