New Jersey Conference

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Chaplain W. Sterling gives a prayer of dedication for the Class of 2019 during graduation.

Story by Leonora Seferlis

Two high school students from New Jersey Conference's Lake Nelson Adventist Academy were recently honored for their achievements at the 29th annual Paul Robeson Youth Achievement Awards. The Paul Robeson Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Social Justice sponsored the event. This institute, located at the Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC), was founded in 1999 to preserve Paul Robeson’s legacy as a role model for excellence. The students who received the awards attained a GPA of 3.0 or higher and excelled in four areas: Scholarship, the Arts, Community Service and Athletics.

New Jersey Educators

Story by Sadrail Saint-Ulysse

It has become painfully clear that there is a great need for school safety and security training in this country. As my wife, Malou Saint-Ulysse, principal of Meadow View Junior Academy in Chesterfield, and I sat through the school safety and security training presentation by Thomas Gambino from the New Jersey State Department of Education, we quickly realized that every principal, teacher, substitute teacher and school staff needed the same training. So, I invited Gambino to our Spring Teachers’ In-service, so that our entire New Jersey Conference school personnel could receive the same instruction.

Sarah Capeles Frodelly

Historia de Sarah Capeles Frodelly

Al crecer, siempre creí que mis padres me abandonaron, especialmente mi madre. La mayor de cuatro, a la edad de tres años y medio, mi padre me llevó a la casa de mis abuelos “solo por el día”. La tarde vino y se fue, y la noche llegó. Le pregunté a mi abuela cuando mi papá vendría por mí. Me acostó tranquilamente y me dijo que volvería a buscarme por la mañana.

Muchas mañanas también vinieron y se fueron, y mi padre nunca regreso por mí. Pero la persona a quien más yo extrañaba era mi madre. ¿Ella se olvidó de mí? ¡Oh, cómo lloré por las noches por ella! No sabía que mis padres se divorciaron. Como resultado, me llevaron a la casa de mis abuelos, no solo separándome de ambos, sino también de mis hermanos.