New Jersey Conference

photo by moritz320 on pixabay

Editorial by José H. Cortés Sr., president of the New Jersey Conference

I remember when my family moved to the New Jersey Conference 30 years ago. My wife, Celita, two sons, Jose Jr. and Josue, and I came after ministering in the Euro-African Division. We carried four nearly empty pieces of luggage, but our hearts were lled with dreams. Now as we look back, we only have expressions of gratitude. The

Lord’s hands have been upon us! God took our dreams and multiplied them infinitely. Through our sons, He brought us daughters: Joanne and Joyce. He also blessed us with grandkids: Jose III, Nadia, Joel and Emma. God has given us much more than we deserve, and His blessings keep raining upon us.

Historia de Juliana Savoy / Photo de Jorge Pillco

Los hermanos de New Jersey fueron protagonistas en un esfuerzo evangelístico muy bendecido. A principios de este año los hermanos comenzaron a orar por sus amigos. 

Se organizaron grupos pequeños a los que se invitaron a estos amigos para compartir el estudio de lecciones de compasión y fe. En abril se llevaron a cabo más de 200 reuniones de evangelismo y en mayo y junio vinieron las semanas de cosecha.

Pastor Marco Estrada baptizes a new member at Vineland Caravan of Compassion stop.

Story by Juliana Savoy/ Photos by Jorge Pillco

Earlier in the year, members from across the New Jersey Conference started praying for their friends and reaching them by showing acts of love and compassion. Members then invited their friends to more than 200 small groups, where they studied about God’s compassion and faith. By April each of the small groups held a week of evangelism, led by lay evangelists.