New Jersey Conference

Dave Weigley and Emmanuel Asiedu flank conferences presidents and WAU president after the Columbia Union Ex Committee voted to revert funds to the conferences and WAU

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

“We believe in sharing God’s blessings with our entities,” said Columbia Union Conference Treasurer Emmanuel Asiedu. “[We] want to give $550,000 back to our entities to support the mission. [We’re] giving the money now so we can share the blessings now.”

Sarah Capeles, a member of New Jersey Conference’s Hackettstown church, recently released a new single, “I Will Love You” (in English) and “Yo Te Amaré” (in Spanish).

The song, just in time for Valentine’s Day, shares memories of a couple through the years, and the promise they make to continue loving each other in the upcoming years.

Capeles says her friend Willie Olmos wrote the song to “express the promise of eternal love and perseverance through all the difficulties in a couple’s life.”

NJC Lay Training

Story by Abdiel S. Hernandez

The Lay Training Biblical Institute program (Seminario Adventista Laico), sponsored by Andrews University (Mich.), recently brought a clear and fresh vision to the intellectual and spiritual preparation of the lay people of the New Jersey Conference (NJC). This training program was effective in doctrine, discipleship, evangelization, growth and service, and provided tools to empower the lay leaders to develop powerful leadership in their local churches, says organizers.

In 2018 NJC had a graduation of more than 140 students—including a teenager—and shared beautiful experiences with one another.

Grow by Rodrigo Olivera from Flickr

Editoral por Jorge Agüero

Hay tres realidades en las iglesias cristianas, incluyendo la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día, que no podemos negar: 1. las iglesias están creciendo, 2. las iglesias están estancadas en su crecimiento, 3. las iglesias están decreciendo y finalmente muriendo.

Numerosas investigación del Grupo Barna y Gallup señalan que la mayoría de las iglesias en los Estados Unidos no están creciendo. Pero creo que a la Iglesia Adventista se le ha dado un mandato divino para crecer.