Mountain View Conference

Feature by V. Michelle Bernard 

Turkey bacon, eggs, cold cereal, cheese, lots of bread and pizza were common ingredients in Jennifer Engelkemier’s daily menu. But since attending Mountain View Conference’s (MVC) Wellness Camp last summer, she’s traded in some of her old breakfast favorites, including turkey bacon, for beans.

Before the camp, Engelkemier (pictured in middle, walking with wellness campers Herb Perrine and Susie Shaver) was overweight, had diabetes and high blood pressure, and also suffered from fatty liver disease. “I just want to get healthy overall,” she said during the first week of camp, where she lost 10 pounds and started walking more regularly.

photo by steve pb on pixabay

Recipe by Oleta Emerson, head cook at Mountain View Conference's Wellness Camp

12 - 15 cups                 Chopped Cauliflower
6 cups                           Water
1/3 cup (or to taste)      Chicken Style seasoning
2 tsp  (or to taste)         Pink Himalayan Salt
3 cups                           Chopped Yellow Onion
1 & 1/2 cup                   Cashews
1 cup                             Water

Marlington Company

Story by Roger Stull

In October 2006, Robert “Doc” Michael, pastor of the Summersville (W.Va.) church, conducted a Revelation Seminar in Marlinton, W.Va., the town where he was born and raised. Soon conference leaders decided to establish a Branch Sabbath School, and the group held their first Sabbath services December 2006 at the St. John’s Episcopal Church with 12 in attendance. By July 2007, the Marlinton Fellowship was officially recognized as the Marlinton Seventh-day Adventist Company.

Basket of Punkins 10-14 by Don Graham from Flickr

Story by Valerie Morikone

Mountain View Conference staff asked three members to share what Thanksgiving Day means to them. Enjoy a peek into their recollections and memories that point to the Giver of all gifts—Jesus Christ:

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. My parents taught their children to love each other and care for others. If my parents knew of a person without a family, they joined us for a huge dinner. No one was to be by themselves on Thanksgiving Day.

Mountain View God's Closet

Story by Valerie Morikone

Looking for ways to meet the needs in their community, especially the needs of young parents, Becca Jacko, a member of the Elkins (W.Va.) church, started volunteering at God’s Closet, a nonprofit, Adventist organization that invites the community to “shop” for donated children’s clothing.

Upon arrival, shoppers fill out a registration form— where they can also request Bible studies, among other things—and an interest survey, which provides valuable information that helps the church to see other ministry opportunities in the community.