Story by Richard Castillo

As Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahama Islands last week, members of the Washington Adventist University (WAU) community prayed for family and friends on the island. Brendon Albury, Nursing Admissions and Progressions Coordinator for WAU waited to hear from his loved ones as the hurricane spent days raking his home.

Editorial by Jacqueline Messenger

We are blessed to have a dedicated team of principals across the Columbia Union Conference, and they deserve our gratitude for their commitment and sacrifice.

Serving as a school principal is a tough job. It doesn’t matter what type of school it is, what classes are offered or how many students are enrolled. While attempting to provide a quality education, principals typically spend countless hours at school each day and even more hours on school committees at night; juggle the many needs, issues and requests that arise daily; and attempt to keep the students under their watch safe and happy.

Photo of School Bus by Takahiro Nagao

Story by Valerie Morikone

I had so many great teachers as a student in Adventist schools that it’s hard to pick just one favorite: from my father, a greatly loved college professor and major influence in my life, to a host of other godly, caring teachers through the years.

One teacher I loved at the Ella E. Hughes Elementary School (now Keene Adventist Elementary School in Texas) was Mr. John Hiser. I remember learning a lot and laughing a lot. He got his classroom management requirements across with kindness and good humor.

school photo by GotCredit via Flickr.jpg

Story by Thomas Macomber

Versacare announces that for 2020 it will award $1 million in STEM grants to qualifying Adventist primary and secondary schools across the North American Division (NAD).

The 2020 STEM grant program is open to all NAD local conference- or church-sponsored primary or secondary schools, except for those schools which received a Versacare STEM grant in 2018 or 2019.

The funding categories are as follows:

• $5,000 for schools of 3 or less classrooms;

• $10,000 for schools of 4 or more classrooms;

• $10,000 for senior academies.

Story by Lauren Brooks

On November 15-16, 2019, Kettering College is hosting a new event designed for prospective Seventh-day Adventist students to experience the many facets of life at Kettering College. During Experience Kettering, students will get a chance to explore Kettering College’s campus, speak with admission counselors about their program of interest, connect with Kettering Adventist HealthCare managers about potential job opportunities, explore the Dayton area, and worship with us at the Kettering Adventist Church.