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Pastor Jennifer Deans speaks at Transformational Evangelism. Photo by Brian Tagalog

At the recent Transformational Evangelism conference, pastors from across the Columbia Union Conference gathered to grapple with several questions: What are the best methods to share the message? Whose job is it to evangelize? What is the missing element in many evangelism efforts? And is it really evangelism if you don’t make an appeal?

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Pastors from the Mountain View Conference pray during the Columbia Union Conference's Transformational Evangelism event. Photograph by Brian Tagalog

Story by V. Michelle Bernard / Photos by Brian Tagalog

Historically, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has relied heavily on old-style revival efforts, prophecy seminars in public spaces and other traditional forms of evangelism. In the last 20 years, popular speakers have transmitted their sermons to local churches via satellite—all to share the unique Seventh-day Adventist message.

Editorial by Frank Bondurant

First Chronicles 12:32 mentions the tribe of Issachar who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (NIV). We need Issacharian pastors today who understand the trends and changes in our culture, and who will reach out to and engage people for Christ in relevant ways. Evangelism isn’t a set of skills you learn once and then are universally and always applicable. Evangelism isn’t static because people aren’t static. Our culture and communities aren’t static. They are constantly changing.