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 Shana Love, a member of the Hamburg church, snapped this photo during a scavenger hunt to capture beauty and peace at Pennsylvania Conference’s Laurel Lake Camp in Rossiter.

Attention Columbia Union Conference photographers! We want to see the Columbia Union through your lens. Would you like for your photo to be considered for publication in the 2021 Columbia Union Calendar?

We’re looking for photos that showcase local landmarks, native fauna and scenes from all around the union—from cityscapes to dirt country roads. We want to feature all the seasons, so grab those winter scenes and capture the warmth of summer—and all that’s between.

If you do a scholarly search for "sola scriptura," most of the references come since 1970, said David Trim at the Columbia Union Union Conference 2019 Leadership Summit. "This is telling us something. How we understand the primacy of the Scripture is big deal in the last years."

Alec Ryrie, a professor at Durham University, presented "How Do You Know the Bible is the Word of God?" at the Columbia Union Conference 2019 Leadership Summit themed Sola Scriptura.

"The way to know Scripture… Is to encounter it to with our whole selves. ... immerse yourself in it, to be swept along by it," shared Ryrie.

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Professor Bogdon Scur

Bogdan Scur, a professor at Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Md., presented "A Case for Biblical Exegesis in the Local Church" at the Columbia Union Conference 2019 Leadership Summit.

"If we aren’t sure about what we should believe because we’re confused about Biblical passages, we will be confused about the nature of God," said Scur.

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