Chesapeake Conference

The Aerials team participates at the “Live for Him” Acrofest 2019.

Story by Andrew S. Lay

In fall 2019, more than 20 members from the Highland View Academy (HVA) Aerials gymnastics team performed at the “Live for Him” Acrofest, hosted by Southern Adventist University (SAU) in Tennessee.

Sponsored by the SAU’s Gym-Masters, this annual gymnastics clinic encourages student-athletes to increase excellence in acrobatics/gymnastics and their walk with God.

Editorial by Rick Remmers

Chesapeake Conference’s new initiative, “35 by 25,” is to plant 35 churches by the year 2025. Currently we have 50 areas in our region without a Seventh-day Adventist presence. These areas are comprised of population clusters of about 50,000 people, as well as specific counties with no Adventist church.

So why plant new churches when some of our existing churches are not yet full? The answer is simple: There are unreached people who need salvation in Jesus Christ, and church planting is one of the most effective ways to impact more people with the gospel.

Story by Andre Hastick

During the annual Winter Relief program, the Living Word church partnered with the Arundel House of Hope, Inc., both located in Glen Burnie, Md., to provide shelter for 25 homeless men for a week. Kleyton Feitosa, pastor of Living Word, discovered this pro- gram after visiting Arundel House of Hope to inquire how his church could help the less fortunate in the community. To meet the needs of the homeless men, a group of 45 church volunteers provided them with bedding, food, clean laundry, showers, social activities and counseling.

Busy at work by Emma Howard from Flickr

Editorial by Jerry Lutz

There are many today who are too busy for spiritual things. Not just those who reject the gospel, but even Bible-believing, church-going people. Like those in the parable Jesus told of the wedding banquet (Matt. 22:1–14), today some have "fields," business matters or excuses that keep them from faith in the One who brings salvation.