Allegheny East Conference

Physics and Robotics coach Courtney Brown, and seniors Cole Mattox and Joshua Perkins display their robotics project.

Story by Dinah Jordan

Allegheny East Conference's Pine Forge Academy (PFA) recently debuted its innovative TE Connectivity STEM Space, designed to promote student interest in science, technology, engineering and math. The new building includes one classroom dedicated to math instruction and a second classroom fully outfitted with a smart board, robotics kits, tablet docking stations and science equipment.

Story by Michele Joseph

When Juliana Marson received a call from a woman so depressed she was unable to leave her home, Marson did what she knew would work best—she prayed. Then she invited the woman to her two-week-old church plant, the New Jersey Conference’s Grace Place, in Lakewood.

Jacqueline Lewis didn’t come to church, but she arrived during fellowship dinner.

“I stopped what I was doing, ran and hugged her,” Marson says. But Lewis replied, “You can’t hug me. I’m ugly.”Jacqueline Lewis (right) credits Lay Pastor Juliana Marson and the New Jersey Conference’s Grace Place church members in Lakewood for helping her overcome depression. Photo by Jorge Pillco

Pastor Steven Rantung prays with members grappling with immigration issues

Story By Celeste Ryan Blyden / Photos by Brian Patrick Tagalog

Members of two Indonesian Seventh-day Adventist churches in northern New Jersey are experiencing the effects of ramped up U.S. immigration reform firsthand. Dozens have been deported, voluntarily returned to their homeland or are “hiding” in the U.S.