The Pennsylvania Conference was officially organized in July 1851 under Adventist pioneers Hiram Edson and J.N. Andrews. Within three years, there were 914 members and 42 churches. Today, there are 96 churches, 44 pastors, several lay and mission pastors, and nearly 10,000 members. The Pennsylvania Conference operates 16 parochial elementary schools across the state, and a boarding high school called Blue Mountain Academy. The conference's Christian book, music, and health food store is located on the school's campus and it is the site for the conference's annual spiritual retreat, called "camp meeting."

The conference operates a youth summer camp program at Laurel Lake Camp and Conference Center, in Rossiter, Pa. An active disaster relief team and six Adventist Community Services centers provide assistance to the community across the state. It's also home to a unique medical and lifestyle center called Adventist WholeHealth Network. Located in Reading, Pa., this center provides a variety of healthcare services. Arise and Build is a new program that involves church members and volunteers in building worship facilities for congregations in need. Much like the Amish tradition of barn raisings, the churches are built in one day.

Getting in Touch

President: Gary Gibbs
Vice President for Administration: Will Peterson
Treasurer: Carlos Charnichart
Communication Director: Tamyra Horst
Telephone: (610) 374-8331
Fax: (610) 374-9331