New Year, New Changes to Ohio Advance

Story by Karen Senecal

What does high school chemistry, summer camp high ropes course, community health fairs and a new boiler for a church heating system have in common? All of them benefit from Ohio Advance.

Ohio Advance (OA), a free-will offering to specifically reach the community and bring people to the Lord, is changing its allocations this year. In December the Ohio Conference Executive Committee voted to allocate funds to outreach and evangelism, secondary education, Camp Mohaven in Danville and church buildings and equipment.

Thirty percent of OA donations will be used for outreach and evangelism programs.

Churches and pastors can apply to the conference for specific project funding. Outreach programs include anything aimed at the community, such as health fairs, health screenings, health seminars, cooking classes and block parties.

For several years, a high percentage of OA has been allocated to Mount Vernon Academy, and a strong commitment to Adventist education continues. Fifty percent of OA donations will be applied to sec- ondary education. Spring Valley Academy is accredited for grades 9-12 and Northern Ohio Adventist Academy is accredited for grades 9-10. Combined, these two academies have 128 secondary education students, and these funds will continue to enrich their educational experience.

Ten percent of OA will be allocated to buildings and equipment at Camp Mohaven.

This camp not only hosts summer camps, but last year, it held events for lay pastors and elders, young adults, middle and high school students, church groups and even camp meeting. OA will help keep Camp Mohaven a place where church members can enjoy nature and fellowship together.

Ten percent of OA will be used for buildings and equipment in Ohio churches and schools. Continuing to give offerings helps maintain the buildings and improve or build new ones.

In summary, Ohio Advance will now be allocated: 30 percent for outreach and evangelism programs; 50 percent for secondary education; 10 percent for Camp Mohaven development; and 10 percent for church and school buildings and equipment. Thank you for your generous support of the Ohio Conference. Your
offerings are helping bring many people to the Lord.