New Jersey Conference Member With Coronavirus Recovering

The family of a New Jersy Conference member battling the coronavirus recently shared this encouraging answer to prayer.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

It’s with great joy and gratitude, that we inform that after 18 days in the hospital and 11 days intubated, Andrés (Andy) was finally taken off the ventilator this past weekend! The Doctor who performed the procedure informed us that Andy is the first patient to be successfully extubated in their ICU unit and that she wept while removing the tube. She referred to Andy as a miracle and she told us that he was a shining light and an inspiration in their efforts to save other patients. His rapid progress has astonished his doctors. They were pleasantly surprised that he was able to sit in a chair today and chat extensively with his nurses. His medical team anticipates that he will remain in the hospital for approximately 14 more days. His rehabilitation will be long and arduous, but we trust that God will deliver Andy triumphantly to us. There are no words to express our gratitude to our God; his medical team; and each and everyone of you who has joined us in fasting and prayer for the healing of our gentle giant. Your prayers have embraced and sustained us in our darkest hour. At 2pm today, we received the long-awaited phone call informing us that Andy no longer required critical care and will be transferring to a regular floor to commence his rehabilitation! Today we witnessed Andy’s rebirth! He forms part of a very small group of COVID survivors for the honor and glory of our MERCIFUL GOD! Please continue to pray for Andy's recovery. We ask that you continue to pray for those plagued with the virus in our churches and around the world. Please pray for the men and women who are risking their lives and their families to care for our loved ones. We do not wish this pain and suffering on any other family, let us please do our part to stop the spread of this virus.

With love, appreciation, and deep gratitude,

The Portillo-Abrantes Family