Members Commit to Pray for 5 Friends

Members and New Jersey Conference staff gathered at Lake Nelson church for the Caravan of Hope 2020. Photo by Jorge Pillco

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

This winter conference leaders and Rubén Ramos, vice president for Multicultural Ministries at the Columbia Union Conference, are traveling throughout the territory in the Caravan of Hope 2020, themed El dia es Hoy (today is the day). At each stop they encouraged members to pray for five specific friends, family members or acquaintances, praying especially that one of the members would make a decision for Christ. Ramos hopes that the friend who accepts Christ will in turn do the same thing, praying for people within their sphere of influence. “Our goal is to see 3,500 souls for Christ in 2020,” he says.

"The main reason isn't just to have more baptisms. Of course we want to have as many as we can. This initiative is to allow the member to experience the mission, and in doing so, they will grow spiritually and have a deeper relationship with the Lord. ... Ninety percent of our members are warming pews in the church. We want to invite them to stop warming the pews and experience the mission."