Kettering College Celebrates 50 Years

Kettering College continues to thrive and expand with the same passion for education and the future of healthcase as its namesake Charles F. Kettering.
Story by Jessica Beans
In 2017, Kettering College will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. A look back at the college’s history shows its commitment to excellence in education and the future of healthcare.
Charles F. Kettering, the college’s namesake, spent most of his life pursuing innovation. He held more than 300 patents for inventions, including the first reliable battery ignition system. In this spirit of innovation, construction began on a new hospital in Dayton, Ohio in 1961. The founders also developed an educational division of the medical center. Work began on building a second facility adjacent to the hospital as well as creating an administrative team to develop a curriculum for a hospital based school of nursing. However, research at the time revealed a trend toward college degree programs for healthcare education. As construction neared completion, the board determined the new school should be an accredited college, offering two-year associate degrees.
In 1964, Kettering Medical Center opened. The clinical division was named Charles F. Kettering Memorial Hospital, while the educational division was named Kettering College of Medical Arts. The college became a new model for educational programs affiliated with a hospital.
In 1967, the college welcomed its first class of students majoring in nursing, as well as radiology and respiratory therapy. Eventually, additional health professional degree programs were added to the college’s offerings.
Today, Kettering College continues to thrive and expand with the same passion for education and the future of healthcare. With around 800 students, Kettering College’s programs include associate of science degrees, bachelor degrees, a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies, and an Occupational Therapy Doctorate. For a list of events celebrating our 50 years, visit