Kelly Butler Coe Promoted to Associate Director of Communication

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Pick up an issue of the Visitor magazine, and you’ll find her imprint all over it. Open a program for any Columbia Union Conference event, and you’ll feel her style. Browse, and you’ll see her meticulous attention to detail.

Kelly Butler Coe, art director and graphic designer for the Visitor at the Columbia Union, has been an assistant director of Communication since 2000. Today she was promoted to associate director during the Columbia Union Conference Executive Committee meeting.

“I’m really thankful to count her as a trusted colleague,” says Celeste Ryan Blyden, vice president for Strategic Communication and Public Relations. Along with her design and art direction duties, Coe helps to manage various projects, including this year’s Visitor anniversary 5K, promotion of the union’s 2021 Year of the Bible initiative and the annual union calendar. “Our prayer is that God will continue to bless Kelly’s service and dedication to excellence,” adds Blyden.