Highland View Academy Hosts International Students

Chinese students from various backgrounds spend the summer learning English with their teachers and assistants.

Story by Lori Zerne

Highland View Academy (HVA) recently partnered with Griggs International Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist accredited online school that provides services to both schools in North America and international partners. This collaboration brings international groups of students to the HVA campus to study English. The first group arrived from Brazil last winter and enrolled in a three-week intensive American Literature course. A second group from China spent two weeks on campus during the summer, studying ESL.

HVA’s proximity to Washington, D.C., with its history and culture, paired with the beauty and peacefulness of the campus’ rural setting, “make it a great place for groups to come,” says Erik Borges, principal. The partnership allows Griggs to offer classes in American classrooms rather than only online, and the students have the opportunity to experience a different culture. Plus, the dormitories and cafeteria allows HVA to house groups easily.

The partnership brings students from around the world to experience HVA’s campus and values, while students and staff learn about the visitors and their cultures. Matt Price, HVA boys’ dean, notes, “The opportunity to teach students from another culture
and country was truly a unique experience. Hosting students from Brazil through Griggs was beneficial not only for them; it was also a positive experience for me.”

Two HVA siblings, senior Emerson McCain and sophomore Reagan McCain, served as teaching