Hackettstown Member Releases Single Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Sarah Capeles, a member of New Jersey Conference’s Hackettstown church, recently released a new single, “I Will Love You” (in English) and “Yo Te Amaré” (in Spanish).

The song, just in time for Valentine’s Day, shares memories of a couple through the years, and the promise they make to continue loving each other in the upcoming years.

Capeles says her friend Willie Olmos wrote the song to “express the promise of eternal love and perseverance through all the difficulties in a couple’s life.”

She hopes listeners will “reaffirm their love, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day until eternity.” And adds, “Jesus is our main example of eternal love. We can see how the song relates to our relationship with Jesus as well, as Jesus being the husband and we the bride. As in any relationship, there are troubled times. ... But Jesus still says to us: ‘I will love you eternally!’ ”

Watch Sarah Capeles' music video in Spanish

The song is available in both Spanish and English on ITunes, CD Baby and Spotify.