Chesapeake Launches New Strategic Plan for Ministry

Story by Andre Hastick

Over the last year, Chesapeake Conference administrators have been on a journey, paved with an abundance of prayer and discussion. Members, pastors, educators, executive committee members, department directors and others engaged in a conversation about the mission of the conference. This prayerful dialogue refreshed the strategic ministry plan, officially voted in May 2018 by the conference executive committee.

“We are thankful for the input from throughout the conference and the careful  consideration by the executive committee in developing the strategic plan. It will help to provide priority and guidance of the ministries during this quinquennium,” says Rick Remmers, president.

The mission statement that will continue to guide the conference is: To reach the Chesapeake region with the distinctive, Christ-centered Seventh-day Adventist message of Hope and Wholeness. The conference seeks to bring this to fruition through activities from the vision statement: Fulfilling the Great Commission through vibrant, healthy churches and schools.

“To effectively advance the gospel in our territory, there must be a clear understanding of mission and a shared vision. The strategic plan not only articulates these essentials, but lays out a roadmap to success,” says Jerry Lutz, conference executive secretary.

Five ministry priorities for the remainder of the quinquennium (through 2022) are as follows: evangelism and outreach, Children’s and Youth Ministries, Adventist education, Young Adult and Family Ministries and leadership training and development.

“Our goal is not just to survive but to thrive and prosper the kingdom with precious souls who will share the Good News—in word and in deed—so that others might be saved,” Lutz says.

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