25 Home Churches Evangelize Richmond

Rafael Soto, pastor of four district churches, baptizes Héctor Albino Hernandez Dubon, who attended a home church sponsored by the Richmond Evangelistic Center.

Story by Tiffany Doss

Twenty-five home churches have recently emerged in the Richmond, Va., area. “Home churches are missionary groups made up of families from local churches who aim to reach their friends with the gospel through friendship, sharing time together, studying the Bible and assisting their friends with their needs,” explains Rafael Soto, pastor of the area-churches—Hopewell Spanish, Richmond Evangelistic Center, Blackstone Spanish and West End Spanish—that sponsor these small groups.

Each home church, organized by the elders, includes a core group of families from the church, strengthening members’ abilities to work together to benefit the community and reach people.

“Home churches are a lifestyle in the district churches. The church stays active and focused on serving others while giving birth to new members through baptisms, which we celebrate every two months,” says Soto. “In addition, before each evangelistic campaign, leaders in home churches prepare people to attend. Home churches bring visitors to our church each Sabbath.”

Soto says the main objective of a home church is to introduce people to Jesus by fulfilling the mission they have been commissioned to do. “My hope is that more people will be encouraged to become active in home churches in their area, so the message can be preached to more people.”